Monday, August 29, 2011

Spring with the Hesemanns

I'm determined to catch up on this blog, so here goes.

As always, we've been busy living.

Audrey at 3 1/2 months doin' a little tummy time. The calm face lasted approximately 7 more seconds.

One of the approximately 9,000 picture I have of Ella making this face. I love it. This silly face perfectly embodies this crazy girl.

This was during Ella's brief interest in potty training. That little booty is just too stinkin' cute. We're going to be trying again soon. Hopefully some new Dora undies will help this time.

Snuggle time with Daddy.

Luckily, we had a relatively slow spring. Nathan and I both finished our residencies (finally!) and stayed busy preparing for our move to St. Louis. Most of our outings revolved around walks to "the park," aka, the playground of Blue Ridge Elementary School. We have all adjusted well to being a family of four. It feels so natural to me to have four of us. It seems so cliche, but it's true that we are so blessed. I often have a hard time praying for anything else because I am so thankful for these three people already.

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