Monday, August 29, 2011

Audrey's Update

This poor little girl, like second children the world over, has only about one tenth as many pictures of her as of her older sister. Somehow, we just don't seem to reach for the camera every time she sneezes like we did for her sister. Nonetheless, let it be known, that we are over the moon for this girl. To be honest, she is not nearly as easy a baby as her sister, but that's ok. She's just her own little girl. Her wants and needs are completely different from Ella as a baby, and I'm fine with that. I look forward to seeing her little personality developing. So far, she is much more into routine and familiarity than Ella. The up side of that is that she lets it be known how much she loves her Mommy and Daddy. She got off to a slow start, but now has quite the appetite. She loves most all baby foods, especially veggies. She is on the move. She started a very mobile army crawl around 7 1/2 months, and by 8 1/2 months was truly crawling and is already pulling up. I've even caught her letting go and standing on her own a few times. She loves to go for stroller or wagon rides. Walking the trail behind our house, she is very quiet and takes in everything. I like to think that she is my deep thinker. Most of all, she loves her big sister. If she gets so much as a smile from her sister, she lets loose with a big, deep laugh. There is nothing so wonderful to a mother's heart as the sound of her babies giggling together and the sight of them snuggling.

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