Friday, September 24, 2010

What We've Been Up To Lately...

Ella loves watermelon. Well, to be fair, Ella pretty much loves all food. But she especially loves watermelon.

 Labor Day weekend, we went to Jen and Nick's wedding (which was beautiful). It was Ella's first. She did great at the wedding, but missed her afternoon nap. You can imagine how fun the evening was. She did have a blast dancing. This girl LOVES to dance.

Here she is dancing with Daddy.

 She has also developed a love for Daddy's truck. She climbs right into the driver's seat and asks for "eees" (keys). She then flips through the key chain until she finds the right one and sticks it directly into the ignition. Luckily, she can't quite get it turned yet.

Ella has also become quite the talker. A sampling of her extensive vocabulary:
Beebe (binky)
Beebe (baby)
Beebe ( puppy)
Oggie (doggy)
Cack (Quack/Duck)
Cacker (Cracker)
Sssss (Shhh)
Ky-et (Quiet)
Ni-Ni (Night, night)
Eee a ob (See ya, Bob - our neighbor)
Ooof (woof)
Uh-oh (Uh-oh)
Eece (Please)
Gay-Goo (Thank You)
AAAAAAAAAA! (Screw you, Mom)

Meanwhile, Baby Hesemann, whose name so far remains Baby, is growing and kicking. Mostly kicking my bladder. I'm ok with that, though, as long as she's growing. I'm still planning for her to come exactly on her due date - Christmas Eve. Nathan thinks that is ridiculous. I informed him that Ella came the day before a big birthday (mine), so this baby likely will, too. Nathan thinks it's wrong for me to put my birthday in the same category as Jesus', but I reminded him that those are the two most important birthdays in my life.