Monday, August 17, 2009


This is Ella's new favorite spot. She loves her Bumbo. It lets her sit up and look around and be part of the action. We love it, too, because we can just move it around the house with us and get things done while she happily watches.
However, we did have some Bumbo drama. Just after this picture was taken, Miss Ella got stuck in her Bumbo. Not catastrophically call the fire department stuck, just wiggle the legs and shimmy out stuck. How does a baby get stuck in a Bumbo you might ask? Scroll down and see.

When a girl has thighs like this, they tend to get wedged in. Couldn't you just kiss those thighs? We love our rolly polly little girl. She is so happy and chubby. She loves to smile and will do it for anyone who will smile at her.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our Little Redbird

Two weekends ago we had the rarest of all events - Nathan and I were both off work, the weather was beautiful, and my dad got tickets to the Cardinals game. Could there be anything better?Not only did my dad get free tickets, they were sweet tickets. His company has a luxury suite at the stadium, so that's where we were. It was so nice. A nice comfy room (with a private CLEAN bathroom with a large counter perfect for changing diapers), sofas, plenty of food and air conditioning. The front of the suite opened completely to regular stadium seating, which we all took advantage of because it was sunny and 80 degrees. Ella loved her first trip to Busch. Hopefully, we'll have many more to come.
The man responsible for this fun trip showing off why he is so happy. Not only did we get to go, but Katie, Jason, Ellie, and Max all came, too. So fun. If only we had Granny and the Arizona Marlers...