Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Halloween Pics

These pictures are all so similar, but I just couldn't deprive the world of this beautiful girl.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Our First Halloween

The World's Cutest Pink Ladybug
One would think that a six month old might constantly pull at a fuzzy hood. However, Ella didn't mind it a bit. I have so much fun with headbands and hats.

The kiddos all together. We went to O'Fallon to trick or treat with the Freeds. Max was a super cute un-scary skeleton. He glowed in the dark thanks to some super comfy jammies from Baby Gap. Ellie was a pretty pink Princess. She loved that she matched Baby Ella and insisted on sitting beside her all night.

As you'll notice, Ella now sits up all by herself. She occassionally falls over when she's reaching for something far away (like a stray binkie), but for the most part she does great.

When it was time to trick or treat, we bundled up the babies in the wagon and set out. Max and Ella are both pretty chill babies. They did great just staring at each other and watching all the big kids running around. When it got a little later (and darker), Ella fell asleep first. We didn't notice her sleeping until she fell face down when we hit a bump and didn't even try to sit up. She was sleeping pretty soundly. We're great parents.

Isn't this a sweet picture? Daddy pulling the kids off into the sunset. Nathan and I say to each other daily how we much we love our life.